Packing Guide

You can use your own boxes but we highly recommend using the boxes we supply with each package. Or packing boxes are double walled for extra strength, if you decide to use your own boxes make sure they are double walled too.
1. Tape up the bottom of your box

It may seem obvious, but only interlocking the flaps reduces the strength of the box. Fold the flap on the left and right first, then fold in the flaps on the side closest to you and the one furthest from you.

Using a single piece of tape, seal the flaps down with enough of an overlap to secure the tape on the side of the box.

Next, use two more pieces of tape to seal the edge of the box to make it air tight.

2. Pack the boxes

Please wrap up each fragile item in some form of protection, such as bubble wrap, cardboard, etc.

Do not overpack the item. Spread the weight books across few boxes and fill with clothes or light items rather than filling a box with just books. We have a very high weight allowance of 30 Kg per item, but please pack what your suitcase or box can hold.

Do not pack any food, perishable items or aresols.

3. Tape your boxes

Repeat the process in Step 1.

4. Attach labels

Attaching your labels to the packaging is an important part of the process. You need to ensure all labels are securely attached.

Please print your labels off from the My Orders section in your account

5. Attaching labels to a suitcase

Please do not attach your labels with tape alone, as your labels are likely to fall off. Attach your labels with tape and then cover your bag with cling film. If you have two labels just attach a label to each side of your bag and then wrap your bag in the cling film, wrap the film around twice. This will stop the labels falling off and protect your suitcase while in transit.

If you have included a suitcase in your package you will also receive a luggage tag which you can attach to your suitcase and write your 5 digit order number on.

6. Attaching labels to a box

Use tape and make sure each label is attached securely. Do not block any information with the tape.

7. And your DONE!

Time to put the tea on.